Walking Tanks

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Many empires, both space faring or not field many types of tank of many different varieties.

The "Walking Tank" is a new variety of tank, often theorised - but never truly utilised in the field due to problems with getting the technology to work.

Walking tanks fit pretty much the same role as a standard tank, but instead of having tyres or treads, they have a number of walking legs (usually between four and eight - although some models are known to have more) and can be found with either feet or wheels at the end. In the field - this can offer the ability to cross terrain at speed like a scout unit, to cross harsh terrain like a tank, and to cross large obstacles like a mecha.

At this current moment in time - there are only three known models of Walking tank in the brikverse - the Scythian "Tarantula" main battle tank, the Gamma Corps "SP1D3R" main battle tank (A converted model based off of schematics shared in the alliance between The Great Scythian Empire and The Gamma Corps during The Immortal War) and the Scythian "Huntsman" Command and Control tank - which features many variations in its design.

The Scythian "Huntsman" class Command tank - armed with a main turret dual laser cannon, and 5 sub-turret anti-inantry lasers.

The Scythian "Tarantula" Main Battle Tank, Armed with a main turret laser, sub-turret anti-infantry laser and anti-matter missiles

The "Orbital Defence" variant of the Scythian "Huntsman" command tank - which replaces the main turret with a super-heavy laser cannon designed to blast enemy SHIPS out of orbit

The Anti-Air variant of the Scythian "Huntsman" command tank - which replaces the main turret with 6 heavy anti-air lasers, designed to blast enemy fighters and bombers from the skies

Immortal Blood Wrath: Micro-Scale
Immortal Blood Wrath: Micro-Scale


Unfortunately discovered in the field in G.R. 2,010 by Scythian forces in what at first was a minor skirmish between Scythian and Immortal forces on the agricultural world of Somerset II. It was dropped from orbit directly into the middle of the Scythian forces, and then proceeded to annihilate everything in its path.

In the end, the Scythian forces pulled a tactical retreat - and then proceeded to fire anti-matter pulse bombs at the atrocity from orbit, effectively destroying it, the Immortal forces, and the very farms the Scythian's where trying to protect.

The Blood Wrath can carry up to four squads of Terrorkhan into the thick of battle in almost any type of terrain and provides much needed support once it's cargo is delivered. It is able to take on main line defences and battle armour as well as dealing with any type of infantry, including Hard Suits and Mecha. It is also well suited to creating breaches in dug in ground defences or city walls.


1x Central Line Main Weapon: Heavy Plasma Canon
1x Turreted Main Weapon: Tempest Super Laser
2x Burst Anti Tank Missiles
7x Turreted Battle Canon
1x Turreted Flame Canon
Point Defence: Electro Hull