Formed in G.R. 2,011 by Kaiser Otto Von Bavaria, this Pan-German Alliance spans multiple different empires, creating a mighty, unified force bent on universal domination. A "third alliance" in the Immortal War. Other names for this alliance include the Pan-German alliance, the deutsche alliance and the german alliance.

The Uberkaiser is Alec of the RIN. Second in command is Direktor Otto the rebuilder of Bavaria.

The flag of the Pan-German Alliance
The flag of the Pan-German Alliance

The Pan-German Alliance's members include:
- The Akkadian Empire (Cut all ties with the Immortals)
- Neo Prussia
- Brickville Union
- Bavaria
- Prussian Hedgemony(AKA The Austrians of New Austria)
- The Republic of Independent Nations
- M.A.S.S.