THE MANIACS (of the Immortal Family)

Once order was restored to Lego-Earth and the Immortal Empire rose from its ashes, the new Emperor Nemesis and his brother and second in command Nameless soon begat their brains out with the women of the newly settled conquests. The fate of these women is unknown but what is known is that an Immortal Family was born.

Over the millennia more and more Immortals were born but not all were the same. It was discovered early on that the assets that gave the Immortality Gene it's indestructible and regenerative properties also had some flaws. This flaw could at times give rise to an unspeakable flaw or something great within the subject but most commonly the flawed traits would manifest itself with an exceedingly low intelligence or insanity, incredible propensity for violence and vastly superior strength that almost rivalled the Emperor's own. The Maniac.

The First to be born in the exact same day were M.A.S. (Mad Animal Sandwich) and Genghis. They developed quickly and grew preposterously strong. They proved themselves to be fine warriors if undisciplined and berserk in the heat of battle. They're loyalty and service was rewarded when the Emperor gave his permission with Nameless' reservations that they would be allowed to breed. It was not long before the first in a new line of Maniacs were born as the two set to work luving up the surrounding populace or anyone too stupid to run fast enough. Despite the misgivings of his brother Nameless the Emperor was pleased. The first Maniac Legion of crack assault troops were born. No army, no stronghold, no planet, no enemy so far has managed to stand against them (or their Maniac Beer) and survive.

Meet some of the Maniacs...

These are THE Grandfathers of all Maniacs, Uber Maniacs. The First in a long line of inbreeding. The chap with the spiky hat (Maniacs love big hats. It can denote standing in the Maniac Hierarchy) is M.A.S. (Mad Animal Sandwich) He's dimmer than a -1 watt bulb. When he is near you can actually feel your own IQ going down. The other is his best mate and adventure bud Genghis. He likes violence, you know the type.

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Eugene The Uber-Maniac
Uber Maniac: There are only a few Uber Maniacs and all are far more powerful than the others, some even parody the strength of the Emperor and his Brother, but not quite. They are the leaders of the Maniacs and although not always listened to they have the ability to make what the say be done by the others through violent encouragement.

Before Eugene was Immortalised he was actually a vast shapeless many tentacle flesh eating entity that lived underneath the Emperors throne room. The Emperor being a resourceful fellow had a trap door installed in the throne room for the disposal of no longer wanted subjects. This symbiotic relationship lasted for a while with Eugene becoming a sort of unruly pet. However, the occasional servant or love slave vanishing was one thing but Eugene's antics were blocking up the plumbing no end. Out of desperate need for working bathroom facilities troops were sent to eradicate this Eugene in the labyrinthine catacombs below the palace but no group sent ever returned, which was a right pain and no mistake. Something had to be done, however as fate would have it before the Emperor could take up the task of hunting Eugene down, Insurrection broke out and the Emperors Brother Nameless made a bid to seize power backed with a personal army of yellow Deadly Spacemen. This treachery, which is quite common among the Immortal Family if things get boring was soon put down but only with the help of Eugene who personally saved the Emperor. On that day Eugene was Immortalised and has become one of the Uber Maniacs in the Immortal Forces. Although he has taken mostly a mini-fig form he may still revert back to his original vast betentacled mass.

These are not specifically Maniacs as such as they have enough mental ability to use proper weapons. However, although they are smarter by far, they still have the same preference for unthinking violence that ranks them as lesser Maniacs.
The dude with the Minigun is Bradley, he invents things... mostly for killing other things. The Dudette in black is Gunnar and she is all about weapons. She invents and makes them and is an expert on them all. She even leads some of the Immortal TechTM R+D, which makes her very important to the Immortal Family. The Hard hated gent is Meanmachine (as per Judge Dread the comic) his head is impervious even to OTC's and he has an interchangeable weapon arm (claw or gun). Next is Quazzy, he is a hunchback and parody of the Hunchback of Notre Dame but is an excellent scout... the bell is... well. Next is Numbskull, he has a large Flamethrower... today he likes burning things.

These are some of the densest and most stupidest of Maniacs. These are the Great Grand Children, the youngest and ultimately the most mischievous and random.
The bloke with the Mr "T" hair is Armageddon; he likes to try to eat his own head and says it tastes funny. The thicky with the words BIB on his Tommy tipper bib is Brain Dead... no that's his name... it's not hard to think why. He is not allowed a gun of any type... as he would eat it as a tasty snack as he does to all guns. Next is Mongrel, his Grandfather had the power of lightning speed that he has inherited. Think Taz the Cartoon. He can strip a man to bare bones in seconds and his animal senses make him a fair scout. Next is MAD... that stands for, Mad... He’s... well, you figure it out. Lastly is Genghis' Grandson Mongol he has the ol' boys strength and violent compunctions but even less brains.


The Martial Art of K-FUCKY! Is the time honoured traditional art of picking up something big and twating something with it. Among many attacks are the favoured: Eating your opponent’s head or limbs. Head butting and kicking people in the goolies. These attacks are sometimes preceded by the infamous battle cries of the Maniac such as: Aaaagh! Pickled Cabbage! *THWACK!* Ello MR! *THUD!* Da you hink I'm a jobby?! *KA-POW!*