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The Scythian Emperor Class
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A Scythian Monarch Class, Plus 3 Savager Class.
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Arillian Commonwealth Assualt Carrier. (Dragonfire666666)

Arillian Commonwealth Escort Cruiser. (Dragonfire666666)

Arillian Commonwealth Bombers. (Dragonfire666666)

Arillian Commonwealth fighters. (Dragonfire666666)

Arillian Commonwealth Frigate. (Dragonfire666666)

Arillian Commonwealth Destroyer. (Dragonfire666666)

Arillian Commonwealth Flagship. (Dragonfire666666)

A Generic Large Planetary assault carrier with shuttle, Not WH Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Generic Small Battle Carrier, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Generic Dreadnought Command ship, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Generic Flagship, Dreadnought Super Large, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Generic Frigate, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Klingon Style Bird Of Prey, there is a weird glitch where 2 bricks are missing but it's not a problem, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Klingon Style Command Cruiser, samll Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Generic Tiny Corvette, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Hive Ship, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Small Hive Ship, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A Generic Station Plus Ships, small Scale (Designed by dilanski)

A BlackTron style large ship. large scale (Designed by dilanski)

A size chart showing various ships, the Tantive is not mine!!!!.

The Survivor Union's mothership, the battle ready Hoblok II complete with a squadron of heavy fighters. (Design by Sloopofwar)

A Brittanian Missile Cruiser (designed by dilanski)
Note: All the Following Models by Warman45 are in a scale in wich the thicknes of one LEGOtm Pannel (not including studs) is equal to the hight of an average person.

the Sledgehammer is an all-purpose destroyer. it has a central connon, that is loaded via a magazine that encompeses the hammer section of the ship. just aft of the cannon (barrel protrudes from front and cannot swivle) is the missile racks. there are 12 missiles in 2 launchers one port one starboard. each missile is large enough to do crippling damage to a ship the size of the Sledgehammer, although armour does minimize the damage. finally there are 5 5" guns in single turrets that are mainly used against small ships and fighters. also in the model is a squadron of Striker Fighter-Bombers, each Striker has a bomb bay capable of carrying a nucler rocket (however they are expensive so they usually carry a complement of guided bombs.) finally the engines are in two nacells at the rear of the ship. each nacell houses 2 engines each with their own nozzle. (made by Warman45)

The BattleAxe Class is a mix between a Destroyer and a light cruiser. it is the most prominent form of Fleet-Destroyer. it carries 16 missiles in 2 launchers on either side of the ship. it has 2 forward facing cannons, as well as 9 5" guns in single turrets for anti fighter capabillity. while each engine nacell can be considered seperate, the are connected along the center, a feature that bridges the gap between the escorts and capitol-ships of the navy. the bow is slightly larger than the central spine, coupled with the nacells give this ship an I shape (capitol i looks like L in this wiki) the ship is slightly larger than the Sledgehammer, it is wider, but not as deep. this ship has the capabillity of protecting the fleet, or going out on it's own. (made by Warman45)

The Archimedes class is the primary light cruiser of the fleet. it is well armed however lacks somewhat in armour. it has 24 missiles in 2 racks (one port one starboard). it has a specialized launcher for light Anti-Ship Missiles that are housed dorsally. the missiles travel upward out of the ship. it houses 8 of these weapons. it has 14 7" guns in 7 dual mounts. these are desighned to replace the 5" guns used on destroyers. the final weapon is a large cannon mounted on the front of the ship. the rate of fire is half that of the destroyers cannon, however the shell is much larger, sometimes killing destroyers in a single hit. it is 150% larger than the BattleAxe, and (for a light cruiser) is rather large. however a reasonable portion of that is taken by the gun battery wich houses 6 of the 7 turrets on the class. (made by Warman45)

The Stalker Stealth Cruiser is the pinacle of stealth technologies. it is so secretive that it's very existance is unknown to all but a few. it is imensly expensive and is therefore very rare (only 3 ever built Andromeda 2 (decomisioned) Stalker, Espionage (retrofitted for top secret missions.) the standard vessel carries 24 Missiles in 2 racks, each rack (located port and starboard) can be completely concealed for stealth purposes, it has a main cannon that is surounded by special radar absorbant pannels. the biggest feature weapon wise is the 32 light anti-ship missiles carried dorsally. these are only located on the strike version (the ships dorsal bays are constantly being refited to carry anything from advanced sensor equipment to weapons, EMP generators, or even small attack craft. the ship is completely covered in special pannels that absorb radar and mask both electromagnetic and thermal radiation emited by the vessel. the vessel is an average size for a light cruiser, it rarely participates in conventional warfare, and as-of-yet has never participated as a part of a fleet. quite often these vessels, and there smaller counterparts, are used in operations not officially sanctioned by the government, so more often than not there stealth capabillities are turned against their own deffence systems. (made by Warman45)

Trattoria Ships:

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Bavarian Stuff:

Zupponn Stuff:

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Vergilius Raskolnikov Stuff: Needs to be split up