The James+Burgundy Equation

disaster-girl.jpgJames+burgundy is an amalgamated material that results when you take a quantity of excess James and add burgundy to it. When observed in nature, the james+burgundy substance has been observed to build well and write poorly.

Researchers have been unable to identify any connection between james+burgundy and the terrifying school fires that seem to occur wherever it is found. James+burgundy is often characterized as having a great love for going to schools, counter to expectations, and scientists theorize that arson may secretly be the reason.

Anecdotal and circumstantial evidence suggests that an injection of james+burgundy creates a dramatic increase of entropy, chaos, and Butthurt into any situation into which it is introduced, causing some to theorize its primary action occurs as a form of Trollism; due to the difficulty of understanding the substance, this theory has yet to be proven or disproven. In many cases it appears that even thinking about james+burgundy causes observers to become too confused and dimmified to draw intelligent conclusions. James+burgundy is particularly dangerous when placed in proximity to incendiary devices such as Warhead. Also, It is well known that Natalya hates every fiber of J+B.

Internet Retarded Disease

The sum of the james plus burgundy formula has never been fully calculated, as no qualified mathematician has yet shown interest in discovering what james plus burgundy might equal, but the combined substance is strongly associated with "Internet Retarded" disease. The characteristics of this disease, which primarily express themselves in a triable mutilation of the English language, were first described by IVhorseman and are currently under study for potential weaponization.

The caustic effects of Internet Retarded have brought prominent opposition. James+burgundy is a nemesis to Blitzen, and an enemy of Tarren. Internet Retarded has made james+burgundy somewhat more popular among Dimmies, including jophfy, who is described as a "friend-like being" to the james+burgundy substance.

AdrianTheGeek's Obsession With Homosexuality

milk.jpg Here are some quotes chosen by AdrianTheGeek in an attempt to prove james+burgundy's homosexuality. Exactly why AdrianTheGeek is obsessed with homosexuality and james+burgundy is unknown.
"Think you can get me the guys number?"
"I like big swords."
"I found a few full body picture of some of these guys."
"O I was hoping he'd stay at my place."
"nice parts"
"no it does not work for that I messed around with it countless times and can find no use for it"
"for 100 euros it can be yours"
"yeah he sucked"
Images of the james+burgundy substance interacting with Warhead's mom seem to contradict AdrianTheGeek's theories, although it's unclear exactly what activity is occurring. Unfortunately, as with all aspects of james+burgundy, the properties of the substance seem to intrinsically defy investigation.