Anti-Immortal Alliance
Major Enemies:
The Immortal Empire
Space Tek Level:
TL6 Star Empire
Lasers, AI, Robotics
Notable Leaders:
Dark Blackness
Empress Xianghua
Major Natalya

Assyrian Star Empire


The Assyrian Star Empire is an empire of about 210 star systems in the southern spiral of the galaxy. They had expanded for about 100 years, but now are stalled in their growth as they find themselves facing internal strife and attacks from outside. The Assyrian capital, Austere, is just to the south of the center of the empire. The Assyrians are technologically advanced, and possess a number of factory worlds. They are known for excellent materials technology, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and use of laser weaponry.

Do NOT fuckin' mess with the ASE.

The empire could better be described as a loose arrangement of star systems which retain a Neo-Latvian cultural homogeneity and are unified through a common military and set of inter-planetary laws. Individual worlds govern themselves without much interaction with the interplanetary government, but they deal with it when it comes to trade within the empire and defense. The Assyrian Star Empire defends all of its worlds with the Assyrian Space Force. All worlds can rely on it for protection, but they may also form their own planetary defense forces and police forces. However, on occasion the Assyrian Commandos sometimes act as an intelligence force for the empire, secretly investigating the governments of individual planets for signs of corruption. All planets pay small tithes to the capital world.

Imperial Order

The empire is run by the Heavenly Emperor of Assyria. He or she has the ultimate authority over the Assyrian Space Force and manages all diplomatic relations with other forces. The Emperor also oversees the domestic affairs of the capital world. The emperor unexpectedly died in G.R. 2010 leaving his adopted daughter Empress Xianghua as the new ruler.

Assyrian Space Force

Assyrian Venus Class Destroyer
Assyrian Venus Class Destroyer

The Assyrian Space Force is the unified military of the Assyrian Star Empire. The Space Force consists mostly of a navy, but it has three special divisions; the Commando Division, the Assyrian Ground Forces, and the Assyrian Armoured Division. These let the Space Force perform more specific battle actions than were it only an interstellar navy. The Armoured Division encompasses most land vehicles including the tank battalions and the light mecha corps. The AD also manages some heavy weapons crews. This is the smallest of the three divisions because the ASE prefers spaceships with atmospheric flight over ground vehicles as they lack dedicated transport platforms for ground vehicles. Any vehicles must therefore be teleported down to the planet, which uses a considerable amount of energy.

The Commandos are elites who are assigned to the toughest missions. This division also includes any robotic combat units such as the infamous 2nd-Types. Assyrian Star Co

mmando units are the soldiers aboard Assyrian ships designated to protect them from enemy boarding parties and to carry out ship-to-ship combat. The rest of the Commandos are used in ground operations and for espionage, both internal and external. If someone is assassinated by the ASE, the Commandos were the ones who did it.

The Assyrian Ground Forces are the army. They have the greatest numbers, and are mostly a general infantry force. They also have some of their own light vehicles and Dreadnoughts. Special weapon projects, hyper weapons, and unique elite units such as the Imperial Guard don't get their own special division. They remain under the command of the Space Force. This includes their AC and all other secret projects.

The Western Seperatists
Assyrian Dreadnought
Assyrian Dreadnought

Recently, three star systems composed of 7 worlds on the western frontier seceded from the Assyrian Star Empire in a bloody civil war. They are now called the Czecho-Slovenian Republik Republick. The civil war left an uneasy peace, and so they found themselves at war with the Assyrians again after a few years. This has left the Czech worlds largely destroyed, meaning that rogue Czech fleets frequently raid nearby Assyrian systems for supplies and technology. The Assyrians are no longer in a declared state of war with the Czechs, but border patrol action is common.

Stat Cards

2nd-Type Assassin Droids
Assyrian Soldiers
Assyrian Star Commandos

Other Units

Assyrian Vanquisher Super Tank
Assyrian Vanquisher Super Tank
Assyrian Armoured Core
Assyrian Armoured Core